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Sculpt — is built on the foundation of professionalism, personal commitment and a sense of beauty.
Our speciality is mindful workouts based on a profound knowledge of human biomechanics. In our approach, we pay equal attention to the aesthetic perfection and health.
We also spare no effort in making our studio as cosy and comfortable as possible in every small detail. It is a space where you can train, restore your strength and meet inspiring people.
All of our workouts are based on the three dimensional motion - the safest and most effective way to activate your body. You can train in a small group of up to 6 people or book a personal session.

We run an English-speaking Pilates Reformer class once a week on Thursdays at 18:00. If you are interested in any other program, please let us know, and we will aim to accommodate you!
A functional workout to sculpt your body. Benefit from our mindful techniques to define your muscles, develop flexibility and coordination while preserving the health of your spine and joints.
A Pilates method-based class with the use of Balanced Body equipment (USA). A full-body workout to make your muscles longer and stronger, and to improve your back and joint health.
Performed with maximum concentration, a flow of versatile exercises on the mat will strengthen your core muscles, activate your entire body, alleviate tension and increase the range of your movements.
Effective and personalised one-on-one sessions. A custom training programme takes into account your preferences and needs, helping you achieve the desired results.
A workout that combines elements of classical ballet and Pilates to build a graceful, lean and toned body like that of a professional dancer.
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All of our instructors have obtained certificates from leading fitness schools in Russia, Europe, and the U. S. and have 7–19 years of relevant experience.
Small groups
Small groups of up to 6 people. We pay attention to each client's technique taking into consideration their current physical condition and health.
Our training techniques help to ensure positive changes in the body and to reveal its hidden abilities without straining its resources.
A modern light-filled studio with spacious training zones, comfortable changing rooms and showers, a cosy lounge with complementary healthy snacks and teas
If you have any requests before joining us, please fill out a form and we will call you back.
How to book your first class ?
Please follow the link to register. If you need advice, please fill out a form . We will call you back and answer your questions.
When to arrive at the studio ?
Please arrive 20 minutes before your class start time to fill out a form and get a tour of our studio.Don't be late for your first Pilates Reformer class as you won't be allowed in without a brief safety training.
Payment and booking ?
To book your spot in a group class, select a class and pay for it online. If you feel like buying a multi-class package after the workout, you can redeem the cost of your first class.
How to cancel a booking?
You can cancel your booking online through your account no later than four hours before the class. The credit for the cancelled class will be added to your account for the future use.
First class redeemable against the purchase of a class-package)
1 500₽
1 class (30 days expiry)
1 500₽
4 classes (3 months expiry)
5 400₽ (class 1 350₽)
Happy Hours
(3 days from 07:00 to 17:00)
12 classes (9 months expiry)
8 classes (6 months expiry)
10 200₽ (class 1 275₽)
14 400₽ (class 1 200₽)
3 000₽ (class 1 000₽)
1 class (30 days expiry)
1 900₽
4 classes (3 months expiry)
6 840₽ (class 1 710₽)
8 classes (6 months expiry)
12 920₽ (class 1 615₽)
12 classes (9 months expiry)
18 240₽ (class 1 520₽)
1 session
4 000₽
1 session for two
7 200₽
1 Pilates Reformer session
4 400₽
Cancellation Policy
We have a four hour cancellation policy. If you wish to cancel a class, you must do so at least four hours before the class start time and the class will be credited back to your account.
First Pilates Reformer (redeemable against the purchase of a class-package)
1 900₽
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